• An attraction to the life. (this shows itself in as many different ways as there are Poor Clares)
  •  18 – 40 years of age.
  •  Good mental, emotional, and physical health.

What if this sounds like you?

If this sounds like something you wish to pursue, then feel free to contact us, to learn more, to come and meet the community, to learn about the spirit of the Order as well as our routine, formation program, requirements for admittance, and to have your questions answered. Contemplative life must be seen as it really is, not as someone hopes, imagines, or likes it to be. Monasteries are not “perfect” places for superhuman people who desire to be wrapped in an aura of mysticism and bide their time expressing their creativity. Community, work and prayer have realities that cannot be avoided and circumstances that need to be seen in the light of their ordinariness. How often contemplatives who want to give themselves totally to God discover that sweeping the floor is part of the gift!

Pray often – the One Who calls also gives the courage to respond.

Seek advice– from someone who knows you and is familiar with the contemplative life style. As those already called to the contemplative life will confirm, a contemplative vocation is a mystery well worth answering. There is no perfect type. God often surprises us with this call

For Additional Information, contact:

Vocation Directress
Monastery of Saint Clare
1271 Langhorne – Newtown Road
Langhorne, PA 19047-1297
Telephone (215) 968-5775